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Know Your Audience

March 19, 2016
Writing for MG, YA or New Adult? Be sure you know your audience!untitled.png

Feeling Hurt from Critiques? Drop the Ego and Learn

January 23, 2016

Take your feelings off the table when it comes to dealing with your beta/agent/editor critiques, says author and writing coach John Vorhaus. Instead of asking “How does this information make me feel?” try asking, “How can I use this information to close the gap between where the work is and where I want it to be?”

Read more at his latest post at Writer Unboxed.

Found in a Bookstore in West Chester, PA

December 21, 2015

photo YA books

‘Tis the Season of Hope – Characters Included

December 8, 2015

With all the craziness going on in the U.S. and in the world, it’s hard to think about hope. But appropriately for the season, Editorial God and agent Donald Maass writes about the hope in novels that keeps readers impatient for more.

Read about the whys and hows of characterizing hope in his blog at WriterUnboxed.

(And while you are at it, send a little hope for the pre-published.)


Book = Iceberg

October 27, 2015

Wondering Where Your Fantasy Fits? Genre Check

October 7, 2015

If you are not quite sure how to tag your fantasy — after all, fantasy can range from Game of Thrones sword and sorcery to urban fantasy vamps or fairies, and many more.

Check out this blog by Charlie Jan Anders blog on fantasy genres (with great photos) to see where your WIP lies.

Image result for free fantasy photo

Overloading with Candy Crush…. Need to Try This…..

September 25, 2015

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