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When a Top Fantasy Writer Is Told: Take Your Paper and Go

February 6, 2014

In the Feb. 5 Writer Unboxed blog, well known fantasy writer Juliet Marillier laments the fact that one of her major publishers (yes, she has  more than one) recently told  her that the latest book in one of her series (yes, she also has more than one) was only going to be published in e-book form. It makes one cringe, thinking if a well known writer has these kind of setbacks, what hope is there for us “prepublished” writers?

And of course the eb00k vs. paper is not likely to be settled anytime soon. (At some point, hopefully, it won’t need the “versus” tag. An edited book is a book.)

After the shock, she takes the dog for a walk then analyzes the situation. Read her “professional writer’s response to a difficult situation.” She notes the difficult publishing climate these days and agrees that writing is a business. Then she lists ways to get over “brain churn.”

After you read her post, check out her books. My favs are the Sevenwaters series, but she has new ones coming out this year.

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