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Ready for Anti-YA-Trashing Bingo? Let the Games Begin!

November 23, 2013

A recent article by avowed nonHunger Games reader  Laura C. Mallonee in Time For Teen Fantasy Heroines To Grow Up, touched on some, well, touchy issues. Too much romance. Too dark dystopian. Too few books for boys. Worlds are not realistic. Girls learn nothing. The lengthy article has caused its own firestorm, on the eve of the Hunger Games newest movie release.

Next event: the Shattersnipe: Malcontent and Rainbows blog by Foz Meadows has created a response that begins with a bingo format. With the center free space “Hunger Games and Twilight,” you find squares such as “author doesn’t read YA” and “some YA is bad therefore all YA is bad,” and “Only talks about white authors.”

What follows is a careful rebuttal of Mallonee’s article. So go on over, read Mallonee first then check out the Shattersnipe article. May the oddness be ever in your favor!

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